For Primary students Rising Star School provides a caring and fulfilled learning environment in which the young members of the school are encouraged to discover the joy of learning. The focus is to develop new intellectual abilities and foster the imagination of the child during these years. Therefore, subjects like English, mathematics, EVS, music, dance and languages –- are taught imaginatively and artistically, in order to engage the child’s feelings as well as their intellects.

The school curriculum features the interactive learning system for effective implementation of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The prime focus of the curriculum is to innovate teaching -learning methodologies by developing paradigms that are conducive for students. The school provides a balanced educational programme within a safe and stimulating environment so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual, emotional and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. The aim of the school is to provide the essential skills that a child needs to cope with the changes in the world. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes a child’s responsibility, co-operation, creativity, respect for individuality and equality. It enhances learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavioural expectations. RSS thus has designed a curriculum to make learning enjoyable, activity-based and experimental, preparing every student for global expectations.



The student is assessed continuously based on the various class projects, assignments and activities conducted in all the subjects during the academic session according to the new initiative of CBSE, CCE.
The major emphasis of the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development. Importance is given to both the Scholastic and the Co-scholastic aspect.
The following languages and the core subjects are an integral part of the school curriculum.
I language : English
II language : Hindi
Core Subjects : Mathematics, Science, Social Science