“To educate a mind does not mean to fill that mind with knowledge but to channelize that mind towards right thinking.”
Knowledge is like a vast ocean that has always been but, education is the source of cultivating grit, confidence and interest in the young minds that motivates them to delve deep into the ocean of knowledge. This source is an ever-changing structure. To help our students with the right tools through education and to get them equipped to face the competitive, challenging and ever-changing world outside we, focus onto providing the most effective teaching – learning environment with the help of our qualified and dedicated staff along with a welldesigned curriculum that scales to the levels and parameters set by the CBSE board syllabus regulatory body. We believe in the holistic development of the student and hence work with Education as a Paradigm that involves the participation of the teacher – student – parent trio. In order to strengthen the efficacy of the student we treat both the I.Q (Intelligence Quotient) and E.Q (Emotional Quotient) with an equal importance. To help us spread our wings of care and foster the generations to come with the goals and visions shared herewith, we thank you for being a part of the Rising Star Family and welcome each one with a humble heart filled with gratitude. Let’s traverse this journey of learning together!

Shweta Amolik (Principal)

Mrs.Shweta Amolik (Principal)

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